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St. Regis Hotels & Resorts Coupons, Discount and Promo Codes A Living Legacy Born of a distinctive legacy and crafted for modern connoisseurs who desire the finest experiences imaginable, the St. Regis brand established luxury hospitality with the opening of The St. Regis® New York more than 100 years ago. From the moment John Jacob Astor IV opened the doors of his Beaux-Arts masterpiece on New York’s Fifth Avenue, St. Regis has stood as a symbol of uncompromising elegance and bespoke service. St. Regis Butler Service. Allow Me. St. Regis Butler Service has been a signature of the St. Regis experience for more than a century, and we remain the only luxury hospitality brand to offer this personalized service at every one of our hotels around the world. From a forgotten travel item to a perfectly pressed suit ready for an important meeting or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, no request is too small or unattainable no matter the hour of the day. The essence of St. Regis Butler Service is discreet, personalized, anticipatory attention that allows our guests to savor the rarest of all luxuries—time. Today’s Grand Tour The original grand tour was a societal pilgrimage through Europe undertaken by the nobility and industrial magnates, which began in the 18th century, and was made famous by the powerful families of America’s Gilded Age. Today’s grand tour is an itinerary for a new generation of luxury travelers where iconic, old-world “must sees” like London and Rome have been joined by new-world hotspots as diverse as Aspen and Abu Dhabi. St. Regis is complementing its portfolio of existing iconic destinations by building hotels in the world’s most sought-after destinations at the heart of today’s grand tour. Experiences Beyond Expectation Combining classic sophistication with a modern sensibility, the St. Regis brand is committed to delivering exceptional experiences at over 30 of the best addresses around the world. Our hotels and resorts are settings for exceptional moments, where signature rituals such as enjoying a Bloody Mary or partaking in afternoon tea draw on the brand heritage and create emotional connections with guests. These time-honored traditions reflect the distinct cultural influences and local flavors of each unique destination. Personalized, anticipatory service and refined luxurious pursuits are the hallmark of our brand history, as well as the essence of St. Regis Aficionado, where exclusive access is tailored to each guest- from entrée to the world’s premiere private collections to tasting vintages never released to the public. Past and future, rare and refined, this is the signature of St. Regis.

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Since the original St. Regis New York opened its doors over one hundred years ago, the St. Regis® brand has sought to provide an experience that goes beyond expectation. With its distinct heritage and signature St. Regis Butler Service, found at every location around the world, there is no address like St. Regis.

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